Prof. Sriraam Natarajan podcast on Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence at TWiML&AI is now available

Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence with Sriraam Natarajan - This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Talk No 113 By Sam Charrington

Released Feb 23, 2018

In this episode, Sam Charrington speaks with Sriraam Natarajan, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UT Dallas. While at NIPS a few months back, Sriraam and Sam Charrington sat down to discuss his work on Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence. StarAI is the combination of probabilistic & statistical machine learning techniques with relational databases. They cover systems learning on top of relational databases and making predictions with relational data, with quite a few examples from the healthcare field. Sriraam and his collaborators have also developed BoostSRL, a gradient-boosting based approach to learning different types of statistical relational models. They briefly touch on this, along with other implementation approaches.