Communicating with Computers

People Involved:

  • Mayukh Das
  • Shuo Yang
  • Phillip Odom

The grand vision of smart machines is enabling AI agents and humans to interact seamlessly, make decisions and solve problems together and learn from as well as complement each others capabilities. We share such a vision and we build frameworks and techniques to leverage human knowledge in creating smarter sequential decision-making and predictive systems and protocols for such knowledge elicitation.

Our research includes, but is not limited to, knowledge-augmented Statistical Relational Learning, human guided and collaborative decision-making and planning (esp. in stochastic, partially observable, semi-structured environments), “active” human-AI interaction, various modalities of human guidance and, finally, successful application of such systems to real-world tasks such as Health, Biomedicine and Finance.

Concept learning, domain transfer/extension and higher level knowledge induction are some additional interesting research ventures (motivated by DARPA ‘Communicating with Computers’). We aim for an over-arching framework for human-AI collaboration involving multiple human (non)experts and machines with varied modalities of interaction.


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