Cora is a dataset based on citations in scientific papers. The original dataset is available on the Alchemy website, this version contains the necessary background and train/test folders.

There are four possible targets:

  • sameauthor
  • samebib
  • sametitle
  • samevenue

The facts contain information on six labels: author, haswordauthor, haswordtitle, haswordvenue, title, venue.


Download: Cora.zip (489 KB)

  • md5sum:


  • sha256sum:



  1. After downloading, unzip Cora.zip

    unzip Cora.zip

  2. If you’re using a jar file, move it into the Cora directory:

    mv (BoostSRL jar file) Cora/
    mv (auc jar file) Cora/

  3. Learning:

    java -jar BoostSRL.jar -l -train train/ -target sameauthor -trees 10

  4. Inference:

java -jar BoostSRL.jar -i -test test/ -model train/models/ -aucJarPath . -target sameauthor -trees 10


usePrologVariables: false.
setParam: maxTreeDepth=3.
setParam: nodeSize=2.
setParam: numOfClauses=4.
setParam: numOfCycles=4.
setParam: minLCTrees=5;
setParam: incrLCTrees=5;
setParam: loadAllBasicModes=false.
setParam: loadAllLibraries=false.
queryPred: samebib/2.
queryPred: sametitle/2.
queryPred: samevenue/2.
queryPred: sameauthor/2.
mode: author(+paper, -auth).
mode: haswordauthor(+auth, -word).
mode: haswordtitle(+title, -word).
mode: haswordvenue(+venue, -word).
mode: title(+paper, -title).
mode: venue(+paper, -venue).
mode: author(-paper, +auth).
mode: haswordauthor(-auth, +word).
mode: haswordtitle(-title, +word).
mode: haswordvenue(-venue, +word).
mode: title(-paper, +title).
mode: venue(-paper, +venue).
mode: samebib(+paper, +paper).
mode: sametitle(+title, +title).
mode: samevenue(+venue, +venue).
mode: sameauthor(+auth, +auth).
mode: recursive_samebib(+paper, `paper).
mode: recursive_sametitle(+title, `title).
mode: recursive_samevenue(+venue, `venue).
mode: recursive_sameauthor(+auth, `auth).
mode: recursive_samebib(`paper, +paper).
mode: recursive_sametitle(`title, +title).
mode: recursive_samevenue(`venue, +venue).
mode: recursive_sameauthor(`auth, +auth).
mode: samebib(+paper, -paper).
mode: sametitle(+title, -title).
mode: samevenue(+venue, -venue).
mode: sameauthor(+auth, -auth).
mode: samebib(-paper, +paper).
mode: sametitle(-title, +title).
mode: samevenue(-venue, +venue).
mode: sameauthor(-auth, +auth).
usePrologVariables: true.
okIfUnknown: recursive_sametitle/2.
okIfUnknown: recursive_samebib/2.
okIfUnknown: recursive_samevenue/2.
okIfUnknown: recursive_sameauthor/2.