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11 Jul 2018
Sriraam Natarajan to talk on 'Human Aware Statistical Relational AI' @ StarAI
Catch Sriraam Natarajan talking about Human Aware Statistical Relational AI at StarAI workshop on 14th July, 2018.

25 Jun 2018
'Human-Guided Learning for Probabilistic Logic Models' published at Frontiers in Robotics and AI
Advice-giving has been long explored in the artificial intelligence community to build robust learning algorithms whe...

07 Jun 2018
Submission on Kernel Learning from Heterogeneous Similarities accepted to CHASE
“Drug-Drug Interaction Discovery: Kernel Learning from Heterogeneous Similarities” was accepted to CHASE, IEEE Confer...

07 Jun 2018
Submission on 'Active Feature Elicitation accepted to IJCAI
“Whom Should I Perform the Lab Test on Next? An Active Feature Elicitation Approach” was accepted at International Jo...

22 Feb 2018
Sriraam Natarajan Awarded with Amazon Faculty Award
Professor Sriraam Natarajan is a recipient of the 2017 Amazon Research Awards for work on “Guiding Probabilistic Lear...

25 Jan 2018
AAMAS'2018 Papers Accepted
Great start to 2018, our two papers were accepted in International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Sys...

04 Dec 2017
Statistical Relational Learning Tutorial at NIPS
Sriraam Natarajan presented a tutorial on Statistical Relational AI with Luc De Raedt, Kristian Kersting and David Po...

10 Nov 2017
Submission on Mixed Sum-Product Networks Accepted to AAAI
“Mixed Sum-Product Networks: A Deep Architecture for Hybrid Domains” was accepted at AAAI!

01 Oct 2017
Dr. Gautam Kunapuli Joins StARLinG
A warm welcome to Dr. Gautam Kunapuli! He has joined StARLinG Lab and The University of Texas at Dallas as a Research...

29 Sep 2017
Two Papers Accepted at BIBM
Two papers were accepted at BIBM, one on predicting the number of cardiovascular procedures (Shuo) and the other on p...

19 Sep 2017
Alexander's Paper Accepted at Knowledge Capture 2017
Our paper on using entity-relational diagrams to set background knowledge and provide user advice for our boosting al...

19 Sep 2017
Two Health Informatics Papers Accepted
Two Health Informatics Papers were accepted: “Identifying Parkinson’s Patients” at AI in Medicine, and “Boosting for ...

09 Jun 2017
RRBM Paper Accepted at ILP
Navdeep’s paper on Relational Restricted Boltzmann Machines using Probabilistic Random Walks has been accepted to ILP...